The iconic macaw species represent most people’s idea of exotic tropical parrots. Scarlet macaws and Blue and Gold macaws often feature in commercials and films for this very reason. These beautiful charismatic birds are highly intelligent, playful and loving companions.

Often talented talkers, macaws seem to have a particularly knowing grasp of that which is going on around them. They are therefore willing and receptive participants in training, be it house-training, behavioural modification or even ‘trick’ training – and trained they must be if you are to enjoy your bird to its full potential.

Omnivorous in their eating habits, they seem to delight in a variety of new and interesting foods, savouring their favourites like a gourmet.

Strong fliers, even in a home situation this should be encouraged for optimum health. Even large green winged macaws can be amazingly agile in the relatively small flying space of the average house once they have overcome their baby clumsiness! Having a large macaw flying from a perch to the hand never fails to be an exciting experience.

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  • hand reared blue and gold macaw for sale

    hand reared blue and gold macaw for sale

    An outstandingly beautiful bird, it’s no wonder the Blue and Gold Macaw is the favorite of many. As well as a wonderful colour combination, many of these birds have a very amiable temperament to match. Gentle and loving, many will delight in rolling onto their back for a tummy rub!

    Baby Blue and Gold Macaws that we bred have been bought and trained by Colchester Zoo for their free-flight and educational displays, and also appeared on a television series about the zoo.

  • hand reared blue-throated macaw for sale

    hand reared blue-throated macaw for sale

    One of the rarest parrots in the wild, the elegant Blue Throated macaw is an animated beauty. Displaying to one another or to their keeper with raised throat feathers and crimson-blushed faces, they are almost robotic in their movements. Smaller and more finely-featured than the Blue and Gold, their voice is also quite different.

  • hand reared buffon macaw for sale

    Larger cousins of the Military Macaw, these unusual beauties are distinguished by their overall more massive body and beak, a yellowish tone to the green feathers, plus orange rather than burgundy tail feathers. They also have a rather more placid and gentle nature.

    Rare in the wild – and indeed in captivity too – these birds should only be considered as pets if kept in pairs and then given the opportunity to breed when mature.

  • hand reared green winged macaw for sale

    hand reared green winged macaw for sale

    A macaw of imposing stature, the Green Winged Macaw is another bird possessed of an outstanding temperament. The Walt Disney corporation bought a beautiful baby from us which featured prominently – and amusingly – in the film ‘The 102 Dalmations’.

  • hand reared hyacinth macaw for sale

    hand reared hyacinth macaw for sale

    These glorious giants are quite captivating as they look at you with huge intelligence in the dark brown eye, quite unlike the grey-white iris of the ‘ara’ macaws. They have incredible strength in their beaks, and this needs to be a consideration when housing them. More sensitive than other macaws, they seem to display deeper emotions towards each other and can often be seen with a charmingly protective wing around a mate.


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  • hand reared military macaw for sale

    hand reared military macaw for sale

    Sometimes overlooked in favour of its showier cousins, the Military Macaw is nonetheless a subtle beauty with gorgeous bronze tones on its wings and a sky-blue back, most appreciated when in flight. Rather more feisty than the green winged and blue and gold macaws, there are still some outstandingly sweet birds, a fact which luckily is evident from an early age!


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  • hand reared scarlet macaw for sale

    scarlet macaw for sale

    A riot of glorious colour, one cannot fail to be amazed by the rainbow-like beauty of the Scarlet Macaw. Rather uncertain temperaments are something of a trade-mark of this enigmatic macaw, but there are of course always exceptions. Softer-feathered than many of its cousins, regular spraying is essential to maintain tip-top condition.


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  • hand-fed baby macaw for sale

    baby birds for sale near me

    Our baby macaws are given the best start in life and given the opportunity to fly, sunbathe, rainbathe and interact with each other. We feed them only the best fresh foods and as a result the baby macaws are plump and content from the word go! When weaning, we keep the baby macaws in groups so that play and competition for food encourages plenty of activity, stimulating heart, lung, muscle and brain power to ensure your baby macaw becomes a healthy adult macaw!


    Available hand-fed baby macaw for sale near me (we do not sale babies below 4 weeks old)
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